Events at IMA House Cochin

IMA House Cochin offers the perfect spaces for all kinds of events like concerts, weddings, conferences, meetings and more. Our halls are aesthetically constructed and come with an inviting ambience and all audio-visual equipment and modern facilities.

Concerts, Weddings & Ceremonies

IMA House Cochin Cochin Interior IMA House Cochin
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IMA House Cochin Cochin A97A4261

We have banquets halls suited for all kinds of special occasions. Our halls can easily accommodate about 1000 guests. Outfitted with all amenities, our halls will definitely transform your events to memorable ones.

Conferences & Meetings

IMA House Cochin Cochin Banquet Hall 43 IMA House Cochin
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IMA House Cochin Cochin Banquet Hall 43 IMA House Cochin
Are you looking for the perfect venue to host corporate events? We have conference rooms and board rooms that are smartly equipped with all necessary equipment and facilities. For large-scale conferences and conventions, we have a list of short listed caterers.

We offer:

  1. Auditorium on the fourth floor for 850 people
  2. Exhibition Hall cum Banquet Hall on the third floor for 300 people
  3. Banquet Hall on the rooftop for 500 people
  4. Banquet Hall on the second floor for 200 people
  5. Banquet Hall on the first floor for 100 people
  6. Chancellor Hall for 50 people
  7. Board Room for 25 people
  8. Executive Room on 3rd floor for 20 people
  9. KGMOA Hall on 7th Floor for 15 People
  10. Cabinet Room on 2nd Floor for 10 people

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